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Amethyst Stone Plugs - AA Grade

Double Flare Plugs made from Amethyst

These Amethyst Plugs are 100% stunning. We favor these plugs the most because of their beautiful convex double sided faces. Loaded with intricate variations and color.  

Amethyst is formed in geodes when gas cavities form within lava as it cools. The cavities then fill with silica liquid, and trace amounts of iron within that liquid can cause lilac to deep purple crystal formations over time.

Please note*: Our plugs are handmade and sizes may be off by +0.5/-0.5 mm.

Size(s): 8mm - 25mm available
Material: Amethyst
Shape: Plug
Style: Convex
Wearable Area: (8mm - 10mm) 8mm
Wearable Area: (11mm - 25mm) 10mm

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of these material there will be some differences in variation and color.  Pairs will be matched to the best of our ability.

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